Tuesday Dinner Specials

Chicken Rice Soup    Beef Goulash Soup

Seafood Chowder

American Chop Suey 

Served with garlic bread.            12.99

Fried Bay Scallops 

Served with French fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.      15.95

Stuffed Haddock Hollandaise 

Baked haddock with seafood stuffing topped with hollandaise sauce, served with mashed potato and coleslaw       16.99

Sweet Chili Salmon 

Grilled salmon with sweet chili sauce, served with rice pilaf and grilled vegetables.      18.99


OKTOBERFEST MENU   only served from  4 pm til closing

Entrées--Served with braised red cabbage and potato pancakes, Apple Sauce & Sour Cream

Knockwurst und Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut und Bayerische Mustard

Grilled Knockwurst and Bratwurst with Braised Sauerkraut and homemade Mustard-16.59

Mariniert Deutsch Schmorbraten gekront mit 

Gingersnap Sauce

Marinated German Pot Roast topped with Gingersnap gravy-16.59

Wiener Schnitzel

Pan-fried veal cutlet with butter, lemon parsley, and shredded parmesan-18.99

Rinderrouladen mit Rotweinsauce

 Stuffed Beef Rolls braised in Red Wine gravy-16.79

(Bacon, ham, ground beef, onions and breadcrumbs)

Schweinebraten mit Madeira-sauce

Roast Loin of Pork with German Madeira sauce-15.99