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Daily Specials



Wednesday Dinner Specials



Appetizer Special

Coconut Shrimp

8 coconut battered shrimp with a sweet chili dipping sauce.       7.99


Fried Clams  

Fried whole clams served with French fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.  20.95


Open Prime Rib Sandwich

Sliced prime rib on open faced white bread with mashed potato and vegetable of the day.    12.99 (medium to Well)


Seafood Epicure

Lobster, shrimp and sea scallops with broccoli and mushrooms in a creamy parmesan sauce tossed with penne pasta.      18.95


Stuffed Haddock Hollandaise

Baked haddock with seafood stuffing, and hollandaise sauce, served with mashed potato and coleslaw.      15.95


Boneless Beef Shortribs Ragu

Hearty pieces of short ribs in a rich vegetable gravy, served over spaghetti  with a mixed green salad      14.95


Chicken Amatriciana

Battered boneless breast of chicken topped with a tomato, onion, pancetta, and greek olive sauce over spaghetti served with garlic bread.     14.95


Seafood Mixed Grille

Seared swordfish, sea sallops, baked haddock, and a stuffed quahog served with mashed potato and coleslaw.     16.95


Roasted Loin of Pork

With a chunky apple pan gravy, served with mashed potato and vegetable of the day.  11.50